Elizabeth Taber 
Childbirth Instructor, AAHCC
Bringing Baby Home Instructor, the Gottman Institute

About Me

Before I became a mother, before I felt that tiny quickening flutter of another, completely new human being inside of me, I didn't think twice about taking antibiotics, OTC medications for my allergies, or eating those chocolate cupcakes and drinking soda for breakfast.  Suddenly, though, my actions and even attitudes had direct consequences for someone else--someone small and defenseless relying on me to do the absolute best I could for their sake.

Becoming a mother altered my direction.  Learning to change my nutrition and lifestyle opened new worlds for me, and preparing for natural childbirth was just the beginning.  But what a monumental beginning!  Nothing compares to experiencing the joy and wonder of birth as it was meant to be.  The world changes--colors grow brighter, time stands still--but wait, I changed in those hours, not the world.  And I've kept changing and growing right along with my three children.  

With the experience and evidence based knowledge I've gained through the years, I love showing couples how to prepare for childbirth together, how to feel confident that they can allow the birth of their sweet baby to unfold, embracing the experience with excitement instead of fear or dread.  My husband teaches with me, mentoring dads by answering their questions, giving them tools, showing them how to play their vital role in childbirth.  He finds that dads want to do something but just don't know what to do!  

We look forward to each new, 12-week session of training moms and dads to navigate their new beginning.

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Childbirth Classes

Comprehensive, 12-week natural childbirth classes offer parents individualized, personal instruction with accountability, resulting in a satisfying growth experience.



"We really enjoyed our experience learning about the birth process with Elizabeth and Richard. Elizabeth is very patient and thoughtfully answered any and all questions that we had! We felt very prepared for the birth of our son, and were able to make decisions that we felt comfortable with when things went differently than we expected. I highly recommend classes with uBirth for anyone who is expecting and wants to be empowered to have a positive birthing experience."