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Elizabeth Taber 
Childbirth Instructor, Bradley Classes
Certified Parent Educator, Spinning Babies®

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About Me

It all started with a deep desire to see families knit together, bonded from the start, and a passion for teaching. I began offering natural childbirth classes with my husband that include training "daddy doulas." 

I love showing couples how to prepare for childbirth together, how to feel confident that they can allow the birth of their precious to baby to unfold, embracing the experience with excitement instead of fear or dread. 

My husband mentors dads by answering their questions, giving them tools, showing them how to play their vital role as a coach during pregnancy and childbirth.  He understands that dads want to be involved but just don't know what to do!  

Along the way, though, I realized that even with such amazing preparation, armed with excellent nutrition, readied with outstanding relaxation skills, and equipped with evidence-based material for making informed decisions, some births simply needed more. But what?

Then, I discovered Spinning Babies®. This approach offers parents additional options for navigating challenging births by explaining how body balance, gravity, and movement during pregnancy and labor relate to optimal fetal positioning. How the baby moves through the pelvis during birth plays an important role in outcomes. One of my coaches exclaimed excitedly after the workshop, "I really get it now!"

Dad's involvement during Mom's pregnancy, his taking an active role in the birth of their baby, forges strong bonds for the growing family. One of my sweet moms describes how she and her husband felt so joyous and close when their baby was born--like there was nobody else in the room.


Knitting that family together--and have I said I love teaching?! 

Join me for either of my sessions. I offer discounts for combining classes.

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The Bradley Method®

Childbirth Education

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"We really enjoyed our experience learning about the birth process with Elizabeth and Richard. Elizabeth is very patient and thoughtfully answered any and all questions that we had! We felt very prepared for the birth of our son, and were able to make decisions that we felt comfortable with when things went differently than we expected. I highly recommend classes with uBirth for anyone who is expecting and wants to be empowered to have a positive birthing experience."

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