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Spinning Babies® for Parents

Dive deeper into discerning how Mom's body balance and movement can affect the comfort of pregnancy and the ease of birth. Get hands-on, personalized experience in less than 3 hours that will help you, as a couple, prepare for and respond to birth in ways that can minimize forceful interventions. 


Head down is only half of the equation!

This workshop is the perfect add-on to my childbirth classes or may be taken alone. It colors in your understanding of the anatomy of birth, what is going on as Baby and Mom perform their exquisite dance together, and highlights ways to help choreograph Baby's intricate turns through every sequence. 


Instead of spending days on your own, scouring websites for instructions and feeling overwhelmed by it all, enjoy a few relaxed hours with me and leave with a clear perception of physiologic birth and an approach that considers Baby's positioning. 

Email uBirth to schedule a 2.5-hour workshop at your convenience in Fairfax for $105.

Only $84 with childbirth classes.

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